Judging Criteria
How to JOIN
Mental Health
Support Chatbot
Hackathon Raptors 2024
22.09 — 24.10
Judging Criteria
How to JOIN
Welcome to Hackathon Raptors 2024: AI-Powered Mental Health Support Chatbot
Welcome to Hackathon Raptors 2024, where the crossroads of innovation and social impact converge into one transformative event.
This year, we're looking for the brightest minds in technology to develop AI-powered mental health support chatbots that can change lives.
We invite seasoned professionals and tech enthusiasts passionate about leveraging AI to drive mental wellness to join us in this
pivotal challenge.
What are we aiming for?
This year, we're looking for the brightest minds in technology to develop AI-powered mental health support chatbots that can change lives.
Our vision is a future where technology is a beacon of hope for those facing the solitude of mental health challenges.
Before you dive into coding, let’s lay down the groundwork
Assemble a squad of up to five professionals. We seek diverse skills – from machine learning gurus to empathetic UX designers, as your collective expertise will be the cornerstone of creating truly impactful solutions.
1 . Teams of Expertise:
We expect the dialogue systems to be top-notch. Your chatbot should be able to understand complex human emotions and respond with compassion and effectiveness, all while maintaining an engaging conversation.
2 . NLP Excellence
The AI must provide empathetic conversation and guide users to appropriate resources and professional help when needed.
3 . Resourcefulness and Signposting
Your solution should be pioneering, yet feasible for scaling across various demographics and geographies.
4 . Innovation and Scalability
Communicate your project lucidly. Clear and demonstrative data visualization is key. As Lex Fridman might put it — clarity is an undervalued attribute in the tech universe.
5 . Presentation Polish
Develop a model that can ensure longevity in user interactions. Your chatbot should strive to build an ongoing supportive relationship, not a one-time chat.
6 . Continuous Support
Judging Criteria
How well is AI integrated? Does it seamlessly process and understand user inputs?
Technical Implementation
Is the interaction intuitive and engaging? Would a user feel "heard" and supported?
User Experience
Does the chatbot address user concerns accurately and promptly?
Accuracy & Responsiveness
How unique is your solution in the current market?
Originality & Creativity
What is the potential reach and positive influence your chatbot could have?
Social Impact
Winning projects will receive support from the Hackathon Raptors community and the opportunity to showcase their work to a broad audience of potential supporters and collaborators. Additionally, a generous cash prize of $1 500 awaits the first-place winner, adding extra motivation to your impactful contributions.
Let's unite intelligence, initiative, and insight to build a brighter future for all. We can't wait to see the waves of change you'll create at the Burning Heroes AI for Humanity Hackathon 2024! Register now and be the hero our world needs.
Ready to make a difference?
Dive into a challenge where your advanced skills can catalyze a transformative social initiative. Participate in Hackathon Raptors 2024 to push the boundaries of what AI can do for mental health support. Together, let's craft solutions that empower individuals and strengthen communities.
Register now for Hackathon Raptors 2024: AI-powered Mental Health Support Chatbot and contribute to a world where technology heals.
Your coding skills have the power to create solace and understanding. Are you ready to inspire and be inspired?
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22.09.2023 05:00
22.09.2023 16:00
Hackathon Kickstart
24.09.2023 16:00
Submission Deadline
26.09.2023 11:00
Judging Begins
02.10.2023 11:00
03.10.2023 11:00
Announcement of Winners
22.09 — 24.10
Join hands with us on this noble journey, where innovative technology champions the human spirit. This is your platform to shine and impact lives.
Harness your expertise, uncap your creativity, and forge the future of mental health support together.
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